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As part of the activities that are performed at PLASTLAB, the paint sector plays an extremely professional and strategic role as it does not exclusively deal with aspects mainly related to conventional certification/qualification tests of materials and/or application cycles but offers above all according to requests of the specific company (not only automotive and transport but also household appliances, building, cosmetics, etc.), a consultancy activity aimed at identifying comprehensive final solutions, both in terms of design and innovation.


Problems related to industrial painting

For the subject of “Painting” and in particular that of industrial painting, the current bibliography does not offer a vast proposal of texts that illustrate the technical aspects i

powder coating

n detail, since first of all they are a practical guide for a painting line, in all its components, must  be illustrated by a technician with direct experience in both the laboratory and production and able to fully understand the final requirements required for each individual product with possible screening of possible critical issues.

Secondly, the subject is so vast and in continuous evolution especially in the chemical-formulative aspect, that even before a text is finished, it becomes necessary to create the conditions for an adequate updating.

paint defects

Due to the above and in relation to the fact that Plastlab has extremely qualified and competent personnel both in the metal and plastic product sector, specific chapters on the subject of paints will be drawn up from time to time, clearly in a concise and we hope comprehensive manner ( “Laboratory pills” according to the terminology reported in the Plastlab blog.)


The issues addressed by Plastlab

The following aspects will be described in detail:

-Terminology past and current in the world of paints

– Differentiation between the protection of a plastic and/or metal support and/or product

-Pre-paint preparation systems of a substrate (degreasing, conversion, pre-treatment, etc.)

-Classification and components of paint products

-Application and crosslinking/baking of paints

-Basic chemistry of paints

-Characteristics of paints in the liquid state

-Characteristics of powder coatings

-Aesthetic-final characteristics of the paints and relative control instrumentation

– Corrosion tests (specific to metal supports)

-Environmental tests (specific for both metal and plastic supports)

-Chemical resistance test

-Test for “mechanical” tests

adhesion test

he related topics could be reversed according to specific needs.

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A special thank you goes to Gianpiero Ferrero, a great expert in the painting and chrome plating sector, as well as a teacher and great supporter of Plastlab, who raises our awareness on this issue so as to provide us with new content for these #labpills!

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