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A bit of history…

These days marks the anniversary of Plastlab having been promoting training courses for 15 years; at the beginning the activity referred to the field of plastic materials, with reference also to their molding and to the problems related to rubber and its properties.

Over the years, the calendar has developed with themes relating to painting and more characteristic activities, linked to the acquisition by the Consortium of equipment which has made it possible to provide training sessions also connected to testing techniques and interpretation of results.

Today Plastlab presents in its catalog a calendar of 27 courses in total which are delivered as six-monthly appointments throughout the year (courses on plastics, rubber, painted materials, metallurgy, laboratory, moulding, fluid dynamics and vibrations sector.


The training activity:

The main objective that characterizes the themes presented by the Consortium is to allow course attendees to compare their experiences with technicians who have carried out and carry out activities in specific fields and can make their knowledge available, for this reason information phases are characterized in one or two days.

The Plastlab is recognized by the Piedmont Region as a training center and this allows companies to include in their training plans financed by the various funds the interventions supported at the institution, an increasingly integrated training genesis with the companies, a broadening and deepening of new themes, which correspond to new needs linked to the market and business development.

These are the aspects that the structure pursues; available to evaluate any request from its interlocutors and to develop HOC courses for precise and specific needs.

In our Consortium we can provide ad hoc courses for client companies in addition to those available on the calendar, visit our website. website on TRAINING AREA!

A special thank you goes to  Dr. Massimo Strapazzon, part of the Plastlab Team as  Training Manager, who raises awareness on this issue so as to provide us with new content for these #laboratory pills!

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