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General Premise:

Innovation is one of the most used terms for some time now, in any field and in any environment, when it comes to companies and their growth and sustainability.

Innovation, be it incremental or radical, is the heart of every entrepreneurial activity and is the main lever for its economic growth; nowadays the market evolves rapidly, also thanks to technologies that restrict spaces and shorten times, for which the need for investments in this field is increasingly marked.

Companies employ more and more resources in Research to keep their level high and always be at the forefront.

This is where the “Inventive Loop” originates, the virtuous cycle by which, through Research, the company generates Knowledge which is transformed into Intellectual Property which, placed on the market, produces new resources which can, in part, be remitted in the virtuous cycle of Research.

Inventive Loop – source Sisvel Group

But this is a complex issue that deserves a separate study.

We can have different types of innovation: product, process, strategic, etc.

It goes without saying that it is never such until the customer tells us that what we have produced is innovative. This is because without the solution to a customer’s problem, even when we are apparently creating a new need, we will never have real innovation.

Innovation in Testing:

Although, in the case of Test Laboratories, it may seem difficult to talk about Innovation at first and superficial approach, many are the aspects that are involved in the process of continuous renewal and many are the topics on which we intervene and we can act to always make more efficient and effective its business and raise the quality level of the service offered to the customer.

A first element is given by the digitization of machines and processes. There are many software and IT platforms that can help us. It is possible to manage and monitor the test cycles continuously and remotely, have a constant update on the progress of the test and its result, computerized and cloud-based data management, constant dialogue with the customer, just to name a few of the aspects obtained with the digital transition.

Added to this is the continuous updating of the Laboratory to constantly evolving international regulations and standards, an essential element for providing an innovative and professional service to one’s client and which requires a constant investment of both human and economic resources.

It follows that a fundamental role in Testing innovation is played by adjustments to Quality Standards which lead to the management of a certified and guaranteed test process.

Moving on to the “product” Test, the drive for innovation leads us to explore ever new areas and technologies.

In the analysis of the evolution of the market, important scenarios and opportunities open up. Here it is of fundamental importance to identify how to evolve one’s offer and where to concentrate investments which, let us remember, are always very expensive in our field. Plastlab, for example, has invested heavily in recent years in the field of piping and fluid dynamics, vibration and, before that, in Flammability tests.

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An important element is technology, i.e. the adaptation of one’s laboratory to the evolution of testing machines. In part it refers to the digitization we mentioned earlier but a lot is given by the characteristics of the tools used, which are increasingly sophisticated and efficient.

We still want to mention, as an element of innovation in the field of testing, the “Test Design” or the ability to design the test on the basis of the object of validation and its conditions of use.

In conclusion, if Innovation is a topic deeply felt by companies, it becomes an essential element for a Laboratory that wants to be at the forefront and provide an absolute level service to its customers.

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