Aging in a hot – humid – cold environment

Environmental tests with variation of temperature and relative humidity.

The laboratory is capable of carrying out aging and conditioning in hot and cold environments, having stoves and cold rooms available for low temperatures with a maximum temperature of 450 °C and a minimum of -40 °C and a maximum capacity of 2000 L, as well as a flask, mainly used for filler content testing, capable of reaching temperatures of 1100 °C. Being in possession of a large range of stoves, the laboratory is able to carry out a series of conditionings at different temperatures, even simultaneously.

The laboratory is also able to perform thermal shocks.

Conditioning in humidity is also another advantage of the laboratory because it has a humidity chamber at 40 °C / 95% R.H. constant capacity of 1500 L, in which it is possible to insert a large quantity of samples, considerably facilitating both the logistical organization of the works and the reduced test costs.