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Our History – Plastlab Laboratory

Here is our story, of how the Plastlab Laboratory came into being.

Plastlab Laboratory was founded in 2005, thanks to a grant from the Piedmont Region within the activities related to P.I.A. (Integrated Facilitation Package) projects. Its purpose was to provide services for the plastics and rubber sectors. Some important milestones were achieved in the following years.

year 2005, birth of Plastlab

Accreditation of the Piedmont Region as a training institution is obtained: vocational training activities for companies are added to the standard laboratory activities.

Painting and chrome plating sectors are added, adapting personnel and equipment to it, until full control of equipment for performing tests on Automotive sector for FCA, Audi and Volkswagen brands is achieved.


Key years for the Plastlab Laboratory, which becomes a private facility, refining its activities in a sectorial manner.
Accreditation is granted by Accredia as a Testing Laboratory (No. 1627) is recognized in accordance with the standard
UNI CEI EN ISO/IEC 17025 for a range of international tests.
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The Plastlab Laboratory significantly increases the equipment and services offered, with the inclusion of a new sector within, the DYNAMIC FLUID sector: pulsating pressure, vibration, burst and circulation tests are introduced.

The Laboratory in all these years has increased its structure dizzily, adjusting employees and equipment according to market needs and always putting customer satisfaction first.
To date, 20 resources work at Plastlab, including technicians, consultants and administrative staff.
The application areas of the Plastlab Laboratory are: plastics, metals, painting, rubber, fluid dynamics and vibration
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This is History of the Plastlab Laboratory

training center Part of the lab with its equipment

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