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What is steel?

Steel is a material where iron is the predominant element, with a carbon content, as a rule, no greater than 2% (approximately) and may also contain other elements.

Beyond 2% the material, however, is called cast iron.

What are alloy steels?

Any steel for which at least one limit indicated in the table below is exceeded, even for just one element, is considered alloy steel.

Finally, there are two other sub-classifications:

Low alloy steel = No elements above 5%
High Alloy Steel = At least one element above 5%

How are steels classified (designated)?

Steels are always identified according to:

Of final use = When the initial properties are not substantially modified by subsequent processing
From their chemical composition = When the properties for use are conferred by the transformation into the finished product for use


Depending on the final use, a symbol is assigned that identifies the use (alphanumeric designation)

S = Steels for structural uses

P = Steels for pressure applications

L = Pipe steels

E = Steels for mechanical constructions

B = Reinforcing steel

Y = Steels for prestressed concrete

R = Rail steels

H = High strength steels for cold drawing

D = Cold forming steels

T = Band steels (for packaging)

M = Magnetic steels

New in the training activity: Basic Metallurgy Course

After years, the Laboratory proposes a Basic Metallurgy Course within its training offer.

The Plastlab is recognized by the Piedmont Region as a training center and this allows companies to include in their training plans financed by the various funds the interventions supported at the institution, an increasingly integrated training genesis with the companies, a broadening and deepening of new themes, which correspond to new needs linked to the market and business development.


These are the aspects that the structure pursues; available to evaluate any request from its interlocutors and to develop HOC courses for precise and specific needs.

In our Consortium we can provide ad hoc courses for client companies in addition to those available on the calendar, visit our website. website on TRAINING AREA!

A special thank you goes to  M. Cuomo, metallurgy expert who raises awareness on this issue so as to provide us with new content for these #laboratory pills!

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