Fluidity Index (MFI)

Rheological characterization test normally performed on polymeric matrices, provides information on the ease of flowing through a nozzle.

The test to determine the melt flow index of a material, or “Melt Flow Index” (MFI), is rather important as a rheological characteristic to evaluate the behavior of a polymeric material when it is solicited, through the use of defined weights, to exit through capillary or nozzle at a certain temperature; both conditions are evaluated for each individual material and indicated in the technical data sheet or through standardized tables indicated in international standards.

The result is generally expressed in g/10min, i.e. grams of material passed through the cylinder in 10 minutes, the instrument is then positioned so as to immediately weigh the melted sample on a balance with a sensitivity of 0.01g.

The test can also be performed after drying or removal of residual humidity for all easily hygroscopic materials, such as condensation polymers, including PET and PBT, making use of indications from specifications or technical data sheets and using ovens at suitable temperatures.

The Plastlab laboratory is able to perform the test according to the indications provided by the ISO 1133 standard and according to the indications above.